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Acne treatment

It is always a complex process which includes first consultation, laboratory diagnostics to find out the reason of acne, treatment plan according to the results, diet modification, home skin care, and plan of procedures in clinic (prp, mesotherapy, IPL or AFT, peelings, laser etc)

Acne scars treatment

Combination of lasers, microneedle RF, regenerative PRP therapies.

Pigmentation treatment

This problem is rather stubborn to treat, so it is always a combination of many different methods, which should be done regulary. I use peelings (like amelan, dermamelan, cosmomelan), brightening mesotherapy, revitalizing products (Hyalual, Neauvea hydro deluxe) and laser methods of treatment. Also it is very important to maintain treatment process at home using special prescribed skincare.

Skin revitalization

Injections of hyaluronic acids to the deep skin layers together with amino acids or peptides in order to improve skin quality, induce skin glow, brighten the skin and give it extremely fresh look! (Products: Hyalual, Neauvea hydro deluxe, Juviderm Volite)

Anti - aging rejuvenation programs

Full complex program individually made for each patient in order to give the best results –improving skin quality, skin tone, tightening of skin, reducing wrinkles, replacement of loss volume etc etc.

Fat melting injections

to boost up fat loss in some stubborn areas like double chin, lower part of abdomen we have special solutions which are injected to the fat tissue in order to speed up its dissolving! (Works better with combination of diet and sport)

Thread lifting

Of any face and neck area – non – surgical lifting of any area of face and neck, using special dissolvable barbed threads. Amount of threads always vary (from 4 to 16 threads)

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