Into the New Year with Health

With the approach of a new year, most people set out to recreate healthy habits and rejoice in resolutions that embrace a balanced life, to optimize their overall wellbeing.

We are currently offering different packages, tailored to distinct needs which combine a multitude of services, tests and treatments, to help guiding you into the new year with a rejuvenated status, as healthy as you can be.

Discover our different packages below and contact us for more details or to schedule your appointment.

Refresh and Rejuvenate

Are you feeling drained and out of balance? Get an all-around package to get your health markers in check. Benefit from a Vitamin IV Therapy with anti-aging properties, in combination with a body composition analysis followed up by a consultation with our clinical dietitian. Enhance your radiance with a 90 minute hydrafacial, as well as dental cleaning services, and avail a hearing test as well as OBGYN consultation for full scope wellbeing.

Revitalize - Our Vitamin IV Therapy

Has the previous year left you feeling powerless and drained? Discover your energy again with our Vitamin IV Therapy. Radiate from the inside - shine on the outside.

Benefit from strengthening your hair, skin and nails - and start 2020 with newly found balance and power.

Recenter, Unwind and Destress

Our everyday stressors are ever increasing, some of them go by undiscovered and affect your health slowly but leave steady effects. Counteract this by availing an anti-stress therapy tailored to your needs. Analyze your stressors and follow a therapy specifically made for you to detox your system and regain your centered state while decreasing your stress levels.

A New Healthy You

To start the new year in balance and enhance your health, discover your body composition and fat to muscle ratio. Benefit from a consultation to begin a journey restrictions or the negative connotations of a conventional diet with the help of our clinical dietitian to achieve your optimum weight and body composition.

Rediscover Your Wellbeing

Start off the new year in great shape, radiate from the inside out.

Begin with your anti-aging therapy to counteract the effect of time and our daily stressors, evaluate your health with an OBGYN consultation, get more insight on your body composition and benefit from a consultation with our clinical dietitian to nurture your body and health.

Audiology Analysis

Benefit from a comprehensive hearing evaluation including multiple tests to ensure beginning the new year in great health and counteract any problems in the earliest of stages.

To book your appointment with our specialists a, Please visit our clinic or contact us for more details.

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