Dr. Huda Shoukfeh 


Dr. Huda Shoukfeh, DCH Ireland,  graduated from Dubai Medical College in 1992, where she achieved her MBBCH, and completed her residency as a Pediatrician in the Department of Health and Medical Services in Dubai.

During this she achieved her Diploma of child health from the Royal College of Surgen/Ireland in 2001.

From 1996 until 2000 she was responsible for the pediatric department in Dubai Hospital where she gained extensive experience in Neonatal care, general pediatrics and pediatric emergency cases. Her main focus and experience, however was in pediatric nephrology, where she surveyed and treated all different kinds of cases in her 5 years of work with inpatients. Since 2001 Dr. Huda has been working in the private sector to complete her experience.

In our clinic Dr. Huda focusses on the diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections, renal  anomalies, nephrotic syndrome, renal stones and heamaturia. She surveys the well being of your children from their date of birth by surveying their pediatric vaccines,  growth development and all general diseases.

She diagnoses and treats all complaints for neonate, paediatric, adult and geriatric age groups  for both sexes.

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