Rejuvenation - Reinvented!

Fractional Radio Frequency is an advanced rejuvenation treatment that leaves the skin with a brighter complexion and an overall smoother texture.

Using a specialized combination of insulated needle penetrations and high tensioned radio frequency pulses, this highly effective technique acts to induce the skin’s natural growth and recovery mechanisms, resulting in tighter skin, refined pores, reduced wrinkles, and an overall refreshed appearance.

How does it work?

Micro needles penetrate the skin layer to about 3-3.5mm in depth, focusing the dermal layers and subdermal fat.

On reaching the deep layers, it spreads the radiofrequency heat on the skin tissues. As a result, it enhances collagen production and makes the skin smoother and tighter, and even reduce extra fat (double chin).

New You - No Downtime

This treatment optimizes a brighter complexion and enhances your skin texture. The increased collagen production gives your skin radiance and tightens it. 

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