ent and food intolerance dentist at dr mulham polyclinic in dubai, united arab emirates

Dr. Mulham Yassin

ENT Specialist & Surgeon

Dr. Mulham Yassin, owner of Dr. Mulham Polyclinic, is our ENT specialist and surgeon. He completed successfully his registrar in Otorhinolaryngology in Germany in 1994 after having gathered comprehensive experience with in- and outpatient cases and having performed more than 5000 minor and major surgery.

In 1994 Dr. Mulham established his own clinic in Hanover, Germany where he granted the best medical care for his outpatients as well as performing all needed surgery in the ENT surgical department in Lister Krankenhaus, Hanover or as daycases in the ENT day clinic of Dr. Wassmann, Hanover.

In 2001 he did a new start in the UAE by working for the Ministry of Health, Sharjah as consultant in Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah. He established and was the Head of the ENT department in Al Dhaid Hospital, before going private in 2003. During his time in the private clinics he not only performed all kinds of ENT related surgery but also helped his patients with outstanding and uncommon diseases. By his experience and studies he specialized on food allergies where he has researches and amazing results in more than 7000 cases.

In our ENT department we offer our patients full care with the most modern diagnostics, as there are ultrasound, microscopic assisted ENT examinations, video endoscopy and examination of the para nasal sinus system with ultrasound as the only clinic in the UAE. We offer minor surgical procedures in the clinic with high frequency laser.

Our focus on allergy is taking care of both, IGE and IGG mediated allergy by using high quality ImuPro testing.

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