Clinical Nutrition


Arwa Al Lahwani

Clinical Nutrition

Our clinical nutrition department is lead by Arwa Al Lahwani.


Arwa is a certified clinical dietician and wellness professional, who graduated in clinical nutrition and dietetics from the University of Sharjah, UAE.

Focused on conducting  detailed nutrition consultations and creating personalized plans to meet the needs of our patients, we aim to successfully introduce and implement a healthy lifestyle obtained by long-term healthy eating habits .

Arwa has professional experience as a clinical dietitian in DHA governmental hospitals as well as outpatient clinics, providing one to one coaching with the aim of health optimization to her patients.


Arwa's areas of expertise focus on assessing and diagnosing patients situations, and introducing the correct plans in relation to weight management, disease prevention and management, including obesity, PCOS, diabetes mellitus, kidney disorders, post bariatric surgery and gland disorders among various others.


Working hand in hand with Dr.Mulham Yassin, a key factor is the correct supervision and guidance when implementing a lifestyle that takes into consideration food intolerances for an enhanced overall wellbeing.

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