Clinic Services

ENT & Swallowing

Ears, Nose and Throat Clinic.

Allergy Type 1 & 3

Voice & Vocal Cords Disorders, Swallowing and Speech Disorders

Fresh Food
Food Intolerance & Allergy

World Leading ImuPro Test, testing your food intolerance for treatment of various issues and a better well-being. 

Chart & Stethoscope

Treatment of all childhood illnesses, Vaccination, Diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases, Preventive and Anti-aging Methods


Pregnancy control and follow up, 

3D ultrasound for fetal scan

Complete range of gynecological surgery.

Cooking Eggs
Clinical Nutrition

Therapeutic plans of disease treatments via nutrition including PCOS, Diabetes, Insulin Resistance etc. Weight management plans, Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition

Nutrition Plans for Food Intolerance

Hearing Aid

Hearing assessments, hearing aid and cochlear implant fitting and tinnitus retraining therapy for children and adults

Beauty Treatment

Skin, Hair and Nail disease assessment and treatment. 

Aesthetic Medicine Treatments including Botox, Fillers, non-surgical face lifting, skin rejuvenation

Massage Table

Our sister clinic offering laser hair removal, facial treatments, non-invasive and non-surgical weight loss and body sculpting treatments, fillers and botox