Hearing Aid
Hearing Aid
Hearing Aid

Our Audiology Services

To ensure healthy hearing levels, the routine assessment of hearing tests is crucial to be carried out, starting from the earliest stages of life to diagnose any potential issues  and provide the correct treatment to manage them. 

The importance of hearing crosses over to various life segments including speech, language development, social skills and education. At our clinic, we provide the necessary tests to assess any complications, and the expertise to guide our patients through the relevant treatments to manage any diseases from a very early stage. 


  • Hearing diagnostic: from the first day of life until geriatric age

    • ​Visual reinforcement audiometry

    • Play audiometry

    • Pure tone audiometry

    • Bone conduction test

    • Tympanometry

  • Tinnitus Assessment: identification, monitoring and management

  • Tinnitus Rehabilitation

  • Hearing Aid Technology, Fitting and Verification: For hearing aids, cochlear implants and middle ear implants

  • Fitting of hearing aid devices

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